6 Tools in the Dentist’s Office and What They Do

Posted on January 18, 2023 by Associates of Dentistry

Dentist tools

Have you ever been to the dentist and wondered what all those tools are and do? You’re not alone. Many people feel in the dark about what all the dental tools are used for. Below, we’ll explain some of the common tools you’ll see in our office and explain them.

1. Dental Probe

Dental probes are used to examine your gums for signs of gum disease.

2. Mouth Mirror

The mouth mirror is a small circular mirror on a long handle that allows your dentist to examine your teeth for tartar buildup or other areas of concern. The mouth mirror may also be used to move your tongue aside to allow easier access to certain areas of your mouth.

3. Scalers

Scalers are the small hooked tools that dental hygienists use to remove tartar buildup and clean your teeth.

4. iTero Scanner

The iTero scanner takes extremely accurate 3D scans of your mouth to help us prescribe Invisalign treatments and track progress. It is much faster and more efficient than traditional impressions.

5. Drill

Dentists use the drill to remove tooth decay and prepare affected teeth for fillings.

6. Saliva Ejector

Saliva ejectors allow the dentist to remove the spit from your mouth so they can work effectively.

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