Invisalign: The Clear Solution to a Straight Smile

Associates of Dentistry

Invisalign takes on a modern approach to straightening teeth, using custom-made series of aligner trays. The series of aligners are carefully made to fit you and only you. These aligner trays are made of virtually invisible plastic that is smooth and comfortable. You simply have to wear your custom aligners over your teeth. Your custom-made aligners will gently and gradually shift your teeth into place based on the exact movement plan made for you by your dentist.

Why Invisalign?

Choosing to straighten your teeth is a big decision that affects not only your appearance but your lifestyle as well. As an adult, you may be looking to improve your smile for business and social reasons or even for a special occasion like your wedding day. Or perhaps you’re a teen or the parent of a teen looking for an effective yet modern-day solution. Either way, Invisalign can provide a simple way to accomplish this without having to put your life on hold.

Don’t wait to take the first step toward getting the straight smile you have always wanted; contact Associates of Dentistry today for your Invisalign consultation. While there are other options for straighter teeth out there, you will not find the level of comfort, convenience, and confidence that you get with Invisalign. Regardless of what stage in life you are at, you will appreciate how Invisalign’s cutting-edge approach to treatment has minimal interference in your day-to-day living. You will begin to reap the benefits and significant impact of how you look and feel about yourself in no time.

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