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Posted on December 13, 2022 by Associates of Dentistry

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Many people dream of having cosmetic dental work done, but until recently, braces have been prohibitively expensive. That is no longer the case. Advances in orthodontic technology have greatly reduced the cost of teeth straightening treatments and, at the same time, made it much more convenient. In this week’s blog, we’ll be introducing one such advanced technology: the iTero scanner.

What is An iTero Scanner?

The iTero scanner is an innovative digital solution for making dental impressions. Rather than having to bite down on some sort of material to make an impression of your teeth, the iTero machine scans your mouth, creating a highly accurate digital 3D model. 

Advantages of iTero Scanning

iTero offers many advantages over traditional dental impressions. Below we’ll cover a few of the most important reasons we believe digital scans are superior. 


An iTero machine allows for much more rapid mouth measurements. Unlike the old days when a mold of your dental imprint had to be made by physically biting, the iTero scan does not require a lengthy process of trial and error to get a usable impression. Instead, you can comfortably sit in the chair while iTero quickly scans your mouth. 


iTero scans are much more accurate than traditional impressions. Additionally, iTero machines can scan more of the mouth than other kinds of impressions. This results in more accurate diagnoses and treatments that better address orthodontic problems. That means faster progress and superior teeth-straightening results!

Tracking Results

Because iTero scanners are so simple and quick to use, it is possible to track results during treatment with a high degree of accuracy. That means adjusting treatment plans to achieve the best possible results for your smile is possible! The scan that iTero creates, referred to as the ‘weather map,’ helps us keep an eye on things and prescribe further treatments. We recommend having an annual scan to keep up with changes.

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Invisalign Treatments Based on iTero Scan

At Associates of Dentistry, we offer affordable Invisalign treatments. Invisalign treatments are a convenient and effective way to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Especially when paired with the smart scanning iTero technology, Invisalign treatments produce extraordinary results! 

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